By DC Comics heroes Batman comic legend imparted to the world, is a fun racing game with us. View 3D racing game with 8 different tools and Batman are nine different sections.

Play the part of the beginning of the game and choose the gadget. Every vehicle of a different character. So when choosing the car at the same time you have opted for the character. If the only thing you need to do in the game as well as ordinary racing games to reach the finish line before your competitors. The pack, but this is not easy. Full of difficulties in completing the race track is one of the biggest obstacles for you.

You should also note that the competitors had left explosives. Taking the green balls on the way and the way you attack your opponents On the way collect the nitro nitro capsules can gain an advantage over its competitors.

Tour How to play

You can press the space bar to use the nitro. Have fun racing game in 3D Batman.



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