3D Bowling Alleys of the game after the game is loaded click on PLAY button on the home screen where you can edit in the game specific page titled CUSTOMIZE will now . When you begin a new feature in the game where only a few will be available , high scores , you can activate the new features also .


Bowling to start the PLAY GAME button after clicking on your face for educational purposes TUTORIAL stage come here want the game screen on the right side NEXT > article by clicking you can review , if you want it on the bottom PLAY GAME by clicking the button to play the game can begin .

Using your mouse, you can easily play 3D Bowling Alleys game by clicking on the arrows on the screen as the first athlete must move . ‘ll Throw the ball after you change the direction of the athlete ‘s position your mouse on the bottom of the game screen ( to the pontoon athletes ) need to right click and drag . In this way, you can throw a bowling ball .



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