In 3D City 3D City Driving in game car games on our site is among the most of being a type equipped with advanced features gorgeous 3D simulation game. Earlier still prepared using similar tools and infrastructure prepared by the same publisher with the Unity game Car game , this time published by City Rider 3D name . Having a large map of the city distributed throughout the game you want from the car have the opportunity to take .

Whether it be in terms of simulation -style car in the car if you want you can use in Arcade mode using the external appearance of a hard drive can scroll by . TR riding , 4×4 and offroad , making sport and super fast with cars speeding facilities that contain 3D town Driving in the game , Ferrari, Nissan Skyline , Mini Cooper and McLaren as the sports car models is located. Besides you can use to climb the mountain offroad and 4×4 cars , including models in the game , which is a completely different vehicle classes Scania tractor ‘s model . Steep slopes , sharp turns, wide roads and driving in a big city having games that you can also make offroad driving on roads with disabilities have the opportunity .

Because the game is still under development can come to some graphic errors and missing , but they will not bother you because of the realism of the game . Check engine noise of vehicles vary depending on the camera angle you will notice that the 3D City Driving in the game at 1-2 when we are missing . I can not change the external appearance of the car and truck of the demountable trailers in the game except that it is not the case that the lack of call .




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