Almost a fascinating racing game with gorgeous graphics with 3D Drag Racing (Drag Race Rush) at first glance, to bring the CSR Racing game on smartphones everyone’s mind. Many car model, tirelessly with tough opponents and realistic graphics in a racing game with 3D Drag Race can play without getting bored to have the best car to proceed racer in your career and try to malup everyone who your face. One of the most difficult type of drag racing, are generally short distance from the road race held flat. Keep the weight of the vehicle acceleration time in the race’s very important that the overall speed of the vehicle as aerodynamic even the smallest detail plays an important role. Android and iOS operating system running on the device, which is a very popular game prepared Inspired by CS Racing Drag Race Rush game prompts now if you want your Android device can also play through 3D player. If we do not score in terms of gameplay and graphics, a fantastic game literally the most successful game in 3D Drag Race game category can say. Unity 3D engine like a visual feast awaits you prepared with the game.




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