3D Car Sliding game after the game has finished loading, you can take the car models at the login screen and you will see a list of the sections you need to complete . Fiat Punto car or on one of the McLaren SLR by clicking with your mouse , you can choose the car .

Then click on any one of the sections on the left side can start the games . Be the first mission in the 3d game where your job instead of a chauffeur who will go home in front of your boss instead of the transportation business you need to take . You can control with the arrow keys or WASD to the right or left turn signal in your car with the keys you can use to give the ZX .

Also in 3D Driving game from many different perspectives you can use your car . Whether as a full simulation of the car in the game , whether inside or outside perspective can use your car . When you start the game on the top right of the screen you can see the elapsed time and speed limit . At the bottom right of the screen while navigating on your phone you can follow. In this way, you can reach the shortest way to your destination . In the upper left the ranks of your vehicle kilometers hours , not to exceed the speed limit hours to check in detail is of great importance too .




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