Lego Car Wars 3D in cinemas on February 7 , 2014 that replaces the LEGO Movie giant in the world of toys and games recently a candidate to be developed by the LEGO company . Lego universe in the film as an ordinary person in the place that lives at a time when Emmet never thought would have a chance to save the world . Lego Lego world is threatened by an evil .

This is the only one who can stand against the evil world of the creators of Lego MASTERBUILD is mixed with Emmet . To resolve this misunderstanding wanting to be a hero instead of the four -person team established by Emmet disassembled the universe out to be an arduous task to bring it back together . LEGO film that we now briefly describe the scene where Emmet is one of the obstacles to the modified versions of the game can play 3D Lego Car Wars .

In Emmet traffic police who tried to stop an angry ‘ll fight with your chosen car in 3D Lego Car Wars game should try to circumvent the traffic police . Also in need of help can save a lego game in two different maps and three different models that you can use in the car ‘s . Although created with Flash infrastructure just like Unity3D developed with visual and gameplay features to the game having fun in the game . In addition, we have published so far , one of the best 3D Lego City and Lego games should definitely playing well .



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