3D Lego City Toys LEGO games are the king of the world in the world to come up with a very large development continues. LEGO previously prepared by many 3D games you have shared with our visitors . It is now much more advanced than we are with a Lego game .

3D Lego City ( My City ) named on our website so unprecedented previously developed a game in the LEGO game characters made ​​from Lego toys and offers the possibility to manage a city . The only building in build and develop , rather than the city’s problems personally solving , offering opportunities to 3D Lego City game in the police car and brush the criminals can chase , fire truck and put out the fire and cars impaired people succor can . In addition, people are happier and peaceful living in the city may have to fulfill several tasks at them .

Keep your kids can have fun shopping malls to theme parks here you can manage as many residential areas set up visual features in 3D Lego City game too successfully prepared. Lego City into one big map established yourself in the pretty town improve and have more money than you can enlarge the image . Lego people living in the city you can even take part in preparing 3D Lego games City in the game you can create many different types of people , you can buy different models of vehicles . Rhapsodies can not finish the game with a wide range of real life in this magnificent city experienced in nearly all cases you will encounter and have to solve problems .



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