Previously we published the other section 3D Lost Souls (The Lost Souls) series of fearful moments await you in this version. 2. If the series of lower quality graphics inside the game and the gameplay you experience the tension-filled scenes in the game in terms of scenario screams can even cause you to close the game.

Unity will open your eyes in a dungeon in the game developed by 3D and will move to get rid of this terrible place. Locked doors open and you need a lot of effort to solve the puzzles in the game that you may encounter horrible creatures, which must be prepared at any moment.

We started the first game you have to click a few times in order to open the door to the dungeon. Lost Souls 3D adventure can start by clicking the NEW GAME option in the second game after Installing the menu screen. When the game starts, you must first find the hidden key, the next room if you need to find where to plug take insurance.




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