3D Minecraft 3 game installed before starting the game and then clicking the Play button by clicking on one of the game modes Story and determine Exploring options . Also on the page where you can specify the name of the planet, after completing the necessary procedures adventure by clicking the Play button to start. Use WASD or arrow keys to move the mouse to the left or right keys you can press to use the weapons in the game .


No weapon or a tool in your bag without having to start the game by pressing the Q key Recipe Book ( cookbook ) and the need to collect the types of material and equipment are required for the production number .


Graphic detail settings can interfere with the game experience on your computer slowing down or hang-ups you can log in to the Settings section . Resources and tools on the planet to have developed character in the game , even if you turn off your computer will be saved automatically .


How To Play

Using the gun
arrows keys to move
WASD keys to move
Jumping spaces
Q Sales Tools Menu
1 of 1 vehicle
2 of 2 vehicle
3 of 3 vehicle
4 of 4 vehicle
5 of 5 vehicle




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