NFS Most Wanted game with a magnificent scenario, while maintaining a good life as a racer encounter a group at a time to get out and almost into the trap of the BMW M3 model car you.

Mia is a police car in the race after losing everything in the game from the start met all the riders encounter in the game which could trap you start chasing you, of course, hanging out with the cops.

After receiving the return of all the cops chasing you, stuck in the BMW M3 and are doing their best to catch you.
You jump off a bridge in the game you completed thanks to Mia again. Although this is exactly the scenario we are with a game that will offer you the final Unity Games escape scene.
Need For Speed ​​Most Wanted 3D game model racing car, the M3 model Ford Mustang and not be ready for an escape at full speed.

control Keys
Controls WASD
Nitro shift
Handbrake space





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