Rush Team 3D to login to play the game the first time after installing the Create Account button menu . Respectively, in the form of being a member Login Name ( game login name ), Nick Name ( nickname in the game ) , Password and Confirm Password ( game login password and password confirmation field) , and finally the Email field after completing successfully became a member of the game, you’ll be clicking Create Account .

Back To The Login menu, click on the entry in the appropriate field after the game after entering the login information you can log in to the game by clicking the Connect button . That appears on the right side of the game Join the home screen by clicking on the appropriate maps of the war situation can login . Game audio, graphics , controls , and other settings must be to make the transition to the Options tab at the top . If you’d like Rush Team 3D in the bottom left of the game you can play in full screen by clicking on the Full Screen button . Friv






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