3D Passenger Aircraft Simulation game after the installation is complete, the login screen in the game against a list of tasks you need to complete your future . First of all tasks except task initially be in locked status after completing the first mission in the game where others need you to complete the order . Mission 1 in the section entitled click the blue arrow sign must click on the PLAY button found .

In the first part you’ll start the game you need to perform the task without an accident to download the runway and aircraft parking area will be to park . With the game screen with your mouse to click and hold the left button and then move your mouse to steer the plane . Also at the bottom left of the game screen you can set the speed of the aircraft in the arm in the upper left arm rise or fall depending on the state of the aircraft makes the shift . Located at the top right of the game screen radar point you need to go and show that location . Also you can follow the remaining distance from the radar .




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