3D Speed ​​monsters second game after installing the garage is located directly be able to switch all the racing cars.


Cars with the arrow keys, switching between here after reviewing all the cars of any model you want without the need for a level of disability or press Enter. If you’d like your favorite race car can change the color of the top left of the game screen.

Select your car in the drop-down menu of options after pressing the Enter key TEST DRIVE (test drive), RACE (standard race) or elimination (tournament) you can choose the model that you want to race.

CLASS CARS options that comes up later (class racing cars), opponents (the number of competitors) and LAPS (number of laps) RACE making such adjustments to click the button. RACE SELECT title page by clicking on the track you want to race your car in the race after starting the game after the countdown is complete, you can check with the arrow keys.




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