3D Spirit Warrior game menu will pop up after you install the games begin . Game Options and Start menu options including GAME click Start to begin the game . Also the game’s visual , audio, and other settings to make the settings by clicking the Options section of the can . Located on an island kingdom knight returning to the spirit of revenge now at your fingertips . Initially in order to provide information on how to guide your hero in the game specific signs and boxes showing you how the game is played . However, English is the difficulty in understanding how to play çekebileceğinizi announced that The knowledge because we think we have decided to give the place .


When the game starts you use the WASD keys to move the swordsman . In addition, the Knights made ​​their way in the game you need to move your mouse to the left or right keys also again by clicking mice can shoot enemies with your sword . Hükmedebildiğiniz spirits and spells that you can use your skills to take control over your 3D Spirit Warrior game before you kill the spirits need to press the R key . Revived in the left side of the game screen you will see the skeletons to the command by pressing the E key you will see that you have a list of soldiers .

Scroll’unu moving the mouse up and down the menu, you can. Skeletons , Skeletons in the first game, you can manage the types of Ogre and Foul Creature ( skeletons ) managing the . All All Units from the military command to select the following option . It will give the command to scroll and select the number of troops in the games again commands may be mice . Other than that, you can press 1 to attack the fire in order to defeat your enemies in the game can use many techniques . Spirit Warrior Skeletons

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progresses, you can judge the spirit outside of the game screen, you will see statues of the Altar where the inscription next to the fire to stop. Here you will find a bar is full , if you die, this is the place for the next rise will be in front of the fire .




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