Hot Rod Drag Racers 3D Super original name and that successful car racing game developed by Miniclip , one of the usual Turkish name of the game 3D Super Hot Rod Drag Racing should have . However, the standard of racing in the game , and Hot Rod occur through failure to walk down into the details too much 3D Super Drag decided to publish with the name .

Visually spectacular 3D graphics and effects that are equipped with a single tool you can use in the game Super Drag having a very powerful engine Hot Rod car . Other than that, your competitors will encounter different cars in the game with a street of the city were brought into the private racetrack does not go unnoticed . Specific criteria alone with your opponent or to participate in drag races held at the track you race very well be the best judge will play a role in your degree can complete .

Apart from this shift drag racing is one of the most important elements . The timing of switch gears If you make the best use can be accelerated faster than rakibinz and before you can reach the finish line . Besides, the car is powered by nitro Do not let anyone pass you by .




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