3D Super Hammer game login screen after installing the START ! Start by clicking on the adventure . Arrow keys and Z / space that you can use as an alternative to using the buttons in the game you can shoot paced and the WASD keys and the mouse left button is checked . All facilities are provided in terms of gameplay as Super Hammer game Shockwave -based graphics with amazing visual elements inherent in spite of studying different than Unity 3D games . An obstacle or a gangster when you installed the game to start again when exposed to the coup will return to the menu . Take money from the arms to the extent entitled ARMORY , to start the game quickly parachute, helicopter support packages such as purchase . If he had a gun to get in close combat tactics, and can be purchased than you deserve by purchasing a windfall . When you start the game you can carry three weapons capability , although the increase this number to be able to progress .





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