Dream Chaser 3D Super Runner game is installed, you can download it for free from iTunes as the first entry that comes up when the display screen, you will see the logo similar to the We R Play. Here you can switch to the main menu of the game by clicking on the Play button. During the run of the game in the main menu you will see the options in the menu to divert your character. ENDLESS MODE menu screen by clicking on the options in the right-hand side part will appear in the game will come to encounter the planets. Starting the game for the first time only one of the planets will be active and playable. To complete the first planet from other planets be able to move, and you need to reach the necessary quota of points. CLICK TO SELECT entry by clicking mouse after selecting the planet to wait a short while loading the map data you need to click the on-screen entry CLICK TO CONTINUE

After the game starts the process of routing path, using your mouse, you can make a super runner. super abilities may provide faster using the Z key 3D Super Runner game character needs to press X to jump over obstacles.



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