3D Superman ( Man Of Steel – Heron ‘s Flight ) of the game after the installation is complete, click on PLAY GAME LEVEL SELECT section will now step you’ll choose . METROPOLIS , CANYON and SPACE to start one of the named section with the left mouse button you need to click on the section you want .

GLOBAL RANKING section of the screen you will see in Chapter upload here soon complete the game you will see the best 3 players . If you want to include your name here need to break records . Chapter PLAY GAME button again after you install you can start the game by clicking . WASD or arrow keys allow you to move with Superman’s special powers can have to press Z to use .

Also acceleration feature you must press the spacebar to activate . BOOST titled at the top left of the game screen you will see a bar , this bar is full, if you can hold down the spacebar until the end . In addition, you can activate special powers with the Z key again SUPER POWERS in the upper left portion of the screen can follow . In addition, the biggest factor in winning the game can be followed from the upper section of the time . more 3D Superman Games




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