3D Shooting Master game after game loaded in the input menu ARCADE , SHOP and you’ll see options SOCCER KIT . Also STATISTICS at the bottom right of the games screen , click on statistics from the screen that opens when you click the EDIT button you can edit player profiles .


The player ‘s gender , which foot to use gerektiğni up arrangements can do 3D Shooting Master in the game , shooting to start taking the main menu BACK by clicking the button to go back and ARCADE options click on the penalty and freekick game modes by clicking one can start the game .

Hold the ball with your mouse form – drag penalty games shot in the game mode, you can move behind the keeper must try to shoot the soccer ball , so you can earn a higher score . 5 units located about a football score in the game when you have the right one ball will be dropped , so definitely should not miss the castle and the ball not supposed to meet with the network .



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