Description and How to Play?


Cyber ​​war, you go to the front Zirl tanks in the tank games with the full force of the order to fire vermenle begin. The enemy tanks, shelters, tools, and eliminate air bombings and sabotage enemy radar and try to win the action-packed battle.

About the game;
Tank in the game itself is moving, standing and shoot the tank need to appear hostile targets in range. Would shoot with the left mouse click, able to shoot with your cannon tanks we use in conjunction with the X key. Difficult to use the tank gun targets. Trackball and mouse movements tank weapon upfront forwarding and destination.

Game tip;
– Game-lived, must complete within a period of division.
– Games in the need to blow up the satellite devices (5 pieces, extra points).
– Tank cannon and machine-tüfekteki unlimited ammo, there is no limit.
– Tank tank progress will stop when you start using the trackball, so you have to be fast tank gun is active. Otherwise, the length may not be enough.
– Their proceeds to the tank in the game, you just aim and shoot and try fastening.

3D tank battle game is konntrol keys are as follows:
Mause Control: Aim
Left mouse click: Shoot
X Button: Switch Weapon




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