Be prepared with the Unity 3D game engine making it more successful in terms of gameplay FPS games on the PC as it is just to give an air of a realistic reason for a separate success.
3D player 3D World War II as a team under the spell of the game fell prey to examine the visual properties of the game and then we see the contents of the gameplay, and the game is really successful and evaluation are required to do a masterpiece of a game that we can say that 9 out of 10.


Verdun Online, World War II, especially during the last war between Germany and France was a game that brings to the fore.

Relentlessly fought against the Nazis and the French army in the war’s many different troop types and weapons option. Bomber, fighter types, such as artillery and fighter in the game where the battle fronts of tanks and machine guns are also included.

Not play against bots in the game in any way real players who are fighting the enemies will be entirely online. So we got here is the level of difficulty of the game depends on the ability of players online in the army. If you want a good FPS player 3D World War II (Verdun Online), giving the game a good battle against the enemies can battle with high scores.


Shoot / Aim
Controls Arrows
Controls WASD
Lying down ctrl
Running speed shift
Jumping spaces
G Hand Grenade
R Shell Filling
V knife Percussion
C Bending
Y Chat
U Chat (Only the suit)




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