3D Zombie Butter Butter 3D games where you can drive the car as well as a successful game can kill zombies . Prepared with Unity 3D engine 3D Zombie Squeeze ( Zombie carpocalypse ) many different car models in the game and you have to use your car ‘s opportunity to develop . Necessary briefly to mention the story of the game , not many days out of your home and outside are watching events from television news .

Then against zombies terrorizing the streets of the city ” a stop ” to the decisions and can leap out into the street as you jump in your car . After that, the 3D Zombie Squeeze with your control against all the zombies in the game a long way to turn back into the old city to crush a big task will be undertaken . Where three different car models , but older models when you first start the online games with a classic car with a powerful engine will begin to crush the zombies

You’ll get better every day after accumulating money can buy a new car or your existing vehicle to deliver the highest level you can develop .




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