Zombies in a cabin in 3D Zombie Raid game you must fight to prevent the killing. To survive in the FPS game Zombie Range Designed as a defensive play fast and you need to be a good shooter. Dead with a single bullet in the head when you hit the zombies do not die so easy when you hit the other parts of the body. There’s also many weapons that you can use in game graphics features that are quite successful. Of course, you need to earn money by killing zombies in order to use these weapons. In terms of gameplay is pretty fun game 3D Zombie Raid 2 monetization business has been a little difficult. When you repair every board in the doors also you need to pay money. Zombies do not want to spend money to repair the door, so you have to kill you before you reach the door.

Howto: You can easily shoot in the head to kill the zombies in the game. 3D Zombie zombie defense after the raid to begin installation of the second game, click the PLAY button on the home screen. When you start the game with WASD can move your character you can shoot with the mouse. Also to buy weapons and health boxes on the walls and doors must press E to repair.




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