3D Zombie Resistance Billy’s in trouble ! Billy the elderly living in a quiet town longer than a retired headhunter. Elderly people living alone in his house in the town of Billy suspicious of anything this evening and prepared at home in a way that starts to wait . Of course, do not forget to take the weapon into the hands . At one time all over the house trying to break the zombies are too ambitious to kill Billy .

It was like old Billy capture bloodthirsty zombies are coming to take him apart … in 3D Zombie games old and stubborn resistance Billy zombies took over the whole town would prefer to resist and starts a war against them . Very good zombie trying to enter the house with a gun let Billy be able to cope? 3D Zombie Resistance gameplay until the game story and the image quality is also successfully prepared. Again Unity 3D -based games with 3D Zombie Zombie Resistance 3D models also include many different weapons .




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