Are you ready for an exciting adventure? Agent P 2 All agents who were captured trying to save teleport dimension. I’ll help you in this task, and liberate all the agents. The left and right arrow keys to move back and forth, Agent P, is the top navigation button can jump on. If you press the upper arrow key twice to jump to greater heights. Our goal is to advance in the game by collecting all the gold in front of us, to destroy the robots and restore freedom of agents. Three parts, this action-packed adventure, the need to collect 100 gold and 3 agents are free to leave it. You encounter on the road to agents trying to destroy the robots. Pressing the space bar will break your arms and weapons use as electronic robots. However, when there is a gun in your hand can not jump high up on the walls can not hold. So when you’re done with your arms by pressing the down arrow key to get rid of the gun. Agent Perry

How to Play Agent Perry
Saving the game, and every agent will help you open the doors have been locked. Thus, proceed much easier. Agent P hope you enjoy the game.




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