Angry 3D Nine New Year’s Eve always follow the agenda and every time we face the same commitment from Run game Angry Gran Angry Gran , this time the new Run: Christmas Village is happening. Android and iPhone smart phones like across the globe millions of games lovers starring 3D Angry Nine with the name that we publish the game in the new section 2014 , which will be in a city, among people like crazy rushing granny going to steer .

Game of the infrastructure, the quality of graphics prepared in the same level with the previous versions . New Year take too much space to highlight different items in the game Angry Nine escaped from a mental hospital against anything that does not allow him to stop . To get a high score you need to redirect granny Unity 3D based game snowman , cookie man , panda, zombie grandma , grandma angry ninja clad in costumes and many more include .

Apart from that, develop your character, you can use the points you have collected for the highest score in the game by benchmarking with other players to do. My ‘ first game of the new year we publish Nine New Year’s Eve game with 3D Angry wish happy new year . New year Wishing you much fun for your games




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