Representation of 3D Bus Park 2 Park Simulation game that was published earlier 3D maps that share the same Bus Parking 3D Not the same challenges await you in the second game . This time there will be a taxi for tools that you use to maneuver the vehicle will be more difficult to park . Unity is crafted with 3D graphics in the game look better with those big jar of steel and an American-style school bus has been provided .

School bus “P” in the places indicated by the letter as soon as possible and will need to park without taking damage . The only tool you ‘ll stay parked but later in the game trailer on the back side of the school bus by connecting your driving will become even more difficult . Steering and care has been taken in the direction of realism about giving the game a bit more difficult to route the vehicle is going .

In addition, more narrow roads in the following sections bus parking will need to scroll to places that are more challenging 3D Bus Parking Representation of two previously released games , unfortunately we are not connected with the game . 2 of the series differ from each other in style In the game of racing against time to complete all sections .




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