Let’s admit it guys, you all love to destroy stuff! And now we are giving you the ultimate possibility to actually do it! But we are warning you, the challenge will not be easy. You have to pick up the highlighted bomb and then follow the arrows to follow the building you are going to destroy. Drop the bomb in the selected spot and quickly drive off to take a bit of a distance because the explosion will be of great dimensions. After things have settled down, pick up the three debris pieces on the ground and take them to the collection center. Just follow the arrows again to find it. Destroy two buildings and clean up after and you will complete the level and unlock the next one. Be very careful not to crash into anything because you can damage your crane. And you should also keep an eye on the timer in the bottom part of the screen and try to complete your mission before the time runs out. Have a lot of fun playing Demolition Crane Parking!





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