Dynasty Heroes – There was a period in ancient China called [San Guo Dynasty], which means three dominators were ruling the whole big China at the same time, with each dominating one peach of land with particular rich resources and their own militaries troops. However, each of the dominator never stopped their endeavors in conquering the other two to rule the whole big China by himself. Thus, many heroesjump out to contribute their strenght and strenuous fighting for their own dominator, and the fierce fighting between the heroes began…each

Control : [A,S,D,W and Arrow Keys] to control character directions.
[J, 1] boxing.
[K, 2] jump.
[L, 3] change heroes.
[boxing + Up/Down ] to throw characters to the corresponding direction.
[Down + Jump] to run.
[boxing + Jump] Whirlwind.
[Down + Up + boxing] for Unique skill.
when catching the enemy
[Down + boxing] to throw the enemy behind;
[Up + boxing] to throw the enemy ahead.




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