Description: Are you bored up with playing simple shooting games? Try the Evilgeddon: Spooky Max and feel the real thrill of shooting down the enemies. Spooky max is the advanced shooting game with 9 different enemies, 1 slenderman and 3 bosses. The player needs to fight against the monster enemies. The mission of this game is to destroy the ghosts, zombies and other creatures. The players can collect cash as long as they survive in the game and the shooting skills will be upgraded with every level. The number of bullets and the stars issued in the Evilgeddon: Spooky Max are fixed in the new version. You can do anything to stay alive and save the hometown form enemies.

Instructions: Use WASD keys to move across the street and Left mouse is used to shoot. The different kinds of weapons are selected using the number keys 1, 2 and 3. Q key is used to call the wave and P key to pause he game.




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