Computers, Playstations, and then managed to become the legendary game GTA, fun, and a flash version of the game with us. In 2001 came the first GTA game in the series, after the series was published for three years. Xbox version of GTA was popular in 2005. Based on this, the Playstation 2 platform in the GTA. What about your favorite GTA game flash game? The tool you can control the game and cities are doing illegal things. However, the police found in the city, will follow you wherever you saw. You can not stop and escape the police. Meanwhile, the police will begin to get angry and shoot to blow up your car. You will work to get rid of the police on the one hand, on the other hand will try to reach the desired point. If the police after you, when you reach the desired point, your task will not be completed. It is the policy of the gang, the police have to get rid of. To do this, go to the regions and the trap will you remain under police traps.



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