Grab your six shooters, some whiskey for the pain and as many bullets you can afford. You’ve been hired to
clear the town of all bad guys. Each outlaw has a bounty on there head, the harder they are to kill the more
money you’ll earn, head shots double your reward. Use your winnings to buy more powerful ammo, whiskey
to restore your health and special shot modes to aid you in your goal of victory.

You only have a small amount of time to clear each stage before another wave of enemies arrive, clear all
stages to complete the level. Each level will introduce tougher bad guys who have much better aim than the
previous ones, take’em out fast or you’ll be hurting.

CLICK – shoot, SPACE – hide, W – whiskey, A – slow shot, S – dual shot, D – quick draw, 1/2/3 – switch weapon, ESC – pause




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