3D Jetski Racing 3D player game that offers you and your dream is performing. Unity-based product in the channels with fast Jetski Miniclip‘in racing and flying ramps in front of us.

3D Jetski Racing you wanted to cool off in the summer. Jet skis in the sea with the warm summer months to make the dream of all the speed and adrenaline to live.

After the game, the “Play” button to play the game Jetski Jetski’nizi başlıyorsunuz. 3D try to move with the arrow keys control the opponents.

Jetski from time to time to be in the film if it were a flying race Slow Motion for ramps (slow motion) by entering the live scenes of adrenaline. Jet ski ramps to fly during the race, and do not forget to collect you get the rewards.

3D Jetski aim of the game is very simple, completely constructed in the form of a jet ski racing game you need to finish 1st in races through the other competitors in the game.




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