Journey to the mysterious island, which was released last year (Journey 2: The Mysterious Island) film, starring Vanessa Hudgens, Dwayne Johnson, Josh Hutcherson, Michael Caine and Kristin Davis shared the famous names such as. Comedy, action and adventure film that exhibits a combination of the types of appeals to audiences of all ages. The middle of the ocean, which is one of the leading roles in the film, a young Sean Anderson, and although there is no island is an encrypted signal. Unable to sway her stepfather does not want you to go up after the signal along with Sean and adventure Your starting point is attached. They are widely used helicopter pilot Gabato them this long journey, and will be accompanied by a young girl. It is a sandy beach with a hose down the road in front of the team encounters the mysterious island and discover a magnificent sight. Faced with such creatures is something mysterious island completely unknown to our team in astonishment.




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