Learn to Fly 3 is here! Play the 3rd addition to the famous cool math games series now! Teach the little penguin how to fly once again. Earn money and get better to prove that penguins can make it into space! Control your penguin using your keyboard. Change the angle of your penguin using your left and right arrows. Press space bar to use a booster. Upgrade your boosters in the hangar by clicking on the green arrows. You can sell your upgrades if you no longer need them. Upgrading is generally less efficient than buying more stages and boosts. Stages are more cost-effective than upgrades. Use stronger stages first if you are too heavy. Heavier bodies are hard to get off the ground, but they just ram through obstacles. You get lighter as stages and boosts get depleted, use this to your advantage. Fly higher and faster to collect more money. Going too fast can be inefficient though. Avoid going to far beyond max speed to reduce drag. Wait until your speed drops below red zone before using boosts. Running out of fuel or falling down and touching the ground will end the current day. Earn medals by completing various tasks. Some medals grant you permanent bonuses! Once you make it to the outer space, new challenges will be unlocked in the bonus game modes! Can you help your penguin get into space in Learn to Fly 3 cool math game online?




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