(Blackwell) game is a comprehensive visual features and success stories with a larger size, so it may take some time to load the game, please wait. After the game, the game’s main menu, click on the Start button to start the game directly. When the game starts you will see the first time around doctors, doctors who give you an injection room at this time and will be semi-conscious in a way you’re getting up to his feet. Starting to move out of the room you need to find the mind’s hospital window left open. Once you find the location of the window, traverse a bit to get there. Mental hastenisinde moving around and you’ll notice that the sound waves, these waves will show you the location of the doctor. The doctor noticed an approaching immediately be hidden somewhere.


Opening the door / Retention
Move the arrows keys
Keys WASD to move
ctrl Silent Walk
Running Speed ​​Shift
M Menu / Pause
Q bending to the left
E Right Bending




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