While not exactly the same as the PC version is not yet fully 3D Minecraft game you are sure to be more excited. Mine is the original name of the first game in the second game of the series Clone Unity 3D engine as well as working with. So we need to have Unity Web Player on your computer. Unlike the first game of the second game in 3D Minecraft greeted with the following features.

1; using multiple tooling. (digging, swords, scissors, etc.)

2, found in nature cows, pigs, sheep meat besleyebileceğiniz like animals. (Sheep’s wool is also available.)

3; Game is getting some tasks given to you, for example, the first task will be to find a pig and pork, of course, will be the prize.


Left Mouse Button: Tool | Using the Right Key: Construction | Scroll: Tool Change
arrows keys to move
WASD keys to move
Jumping spaces
E Material Menu
1 of 1 Use the object
2 of 2 Use the object
3 of 3 Use the object
4 of 4 Use the object




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