Ninja Slash 2 – Among the new version can be unlocked Ninja increased to 12, adding 20 tasks, adjust the maximum number of combos to 130, an increase of scenes and characters shadow effect, fixes BUG, of course, there are some other changes Oh wait for you to experience.

[Ninja chop iron sword] is a very innovative fun agility games. Players need to operate a Q version of the ninja, constantly forward onrush. Along the way, need to pass through bamboo groves, rice paddies, and various other environments.

Hidden traps, enemies are so powerful pace becomes quite difficult. Try to overcome these difficulties, the completion of your task bar. This is a horizontal version of the arcade game that combines elements of parkour, all you do is a variety of hazardous environments, to defeat various monsters, upgrade ability, to escape the trap seizure of gold, unlimited for your journey challenge

Control : Keyboard arrow keys to move left and right control ← →, ↑ key to jump, ↓ keys down, the spacebar to use props




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