Traffic Slam Traffic Slam after 2 to 3 Unity3D People brought a new dimension. This is a new dimension in us just how this game you’ll get a few, including oynandığına. control keys are as shown below. Need to be aware of the point. Avoid hitting the cars in traffic. If fact, this is how the car accident is an accident and burst into oyundada Cars like the real thing. Add up how much gold it will open up for you in the next round of new cars that will face new accessories. Here you will draw your attention to an issue. Comply with the rules. Fail to comply with the rules to follow and you will come back and attached to the traffic police accident allows you to. Attention are what is important all the time ..

Arrows = Steer


Space = Detonator
Z = Drift
X = Use Item
R = Reset Position
C = Rear View




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