Which is published this week, the latest in 3D Forklift Using 3D car games free car game, still riding experience.

Fork made ​​with Unity 3D engine demo was released as the Card Test Drive called by the game developer.
Read through a mountainous area and prepared a great track can navigate freely in the game unfortunately do not have the possibility to check the truck exactly like in their game simulation.
However, it will help you have a pleasant moments in the game without an accident truck driving through the roads quickly try out a pyro. 3D Forklift User name, we need to evaluate visually the game in terms of gameplay the game with a mid-level in the same game deserves a review.

However, now the demo is not meant for doing literally scores to publish the full version of the game to look forward to by the developer. We hope that as soon as the game presents a new 3D Forklift User.




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