Flash movie V for Vandetta of 2006, the whole world felt the impact. American-German co-production of the film, which is adapted to cinema by the Wachowski brothers. Vandetta blockbuster movie V for a great game with us. Fell to the streets to perform the action hero in the game. However, the police in the streets, do not allow to perform the action hero. Check your favorite games hero of the game is fun and colorful and are entering into a relentless struggle with the police. Escaping from the police on the one hand, on the other hand the obstacles in front of you trying not to hook. To achieve these two need to take a quick and easy moves. Otherwise, your character will be caught by the police. Action and adventure never V for Vandetta 3d game, you can use the arrow keys to control your character. The top to switch to jump over obstacles, use the arrow key to move to the bottom slide. Barriers to the successful progress in the game that comes up will be reduced to the degree of difficulty will increase and likely to be successful.

Otherwise, the bottles on the platform is able to collect. We collect bottles earn extra points. Have fun.




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