Winter Tank Strike you need to take terrific tanks in 8 hellish levels. Winter time of war so it could be dangerous to drive on ice and rocks pretty hard and heavy leaded ramp steering tank. So the wise use arrow keys to drive your tank and unlocked. Press the D key is trying to kill you, mines and turrets fire. Jump over obstacles, drive box to smash and destroy everything in your way. Collect the ammo and lives to keep each tank repair. Each turret to eliminate the need for two missiles in order to destroy it. So, keep waste ammo and ammo to shoot and destroy. Make a new better and faster tanks and the finish line in each level to unlock. Promotion use W and S to reduce fever and quick ball to destroy enemies. To avoid one always faces the front, and the purpose and try to shoot from distance. You turret greater range and more firepower. Enjoy this intense adrenaline pumping action game pack tank and see how good you can get. Eliminate all the enemies to survive and win the game.



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